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Jack Murphy



My philosophy as a physiotherapist is to make myself useless, as fast as possible.


In practice this means empowering patients with helpful information; particularly about pain, facilitating beneficial behaviour change, and restoring and improving function. To me, injury presents an opportunity to develop and improve, rather than deteriorate and regress.


I grew up in Brisbane and studied at the University of Queensland. Since then I’ve worked in a variety of roles around Australia as well as overseas. Physical activity has always been a large part of my life, earlier on in team sport; particularly Australian Rules Football and more recently with the development of a running obsession. An obsession that is currently being satisfied with plenty of km's both on the roads around Adelaide and the trails up in the hills.


My passion for physical activity and belief in the resilience of the human body are reflected in my active approach to physiotherapy.


Bachelor of Physiotherapy - University of Queensland

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