Before Your Appointment

If you would like to see the practitioners from PainMedSA about your chronic pain condition, a referral is required from your GP or treating specialist.  

A copy of our New Patient registration form is required to be completed prior to an appointment being made.  The New Patient form is available for download further down this page.


Once your referral and New Patient Registration form have been received by our staff, your referral will be triaged and then an appointment can be made.  Appointments can not be offered until both the referral and new patient form have been received by our practice.

There is a fee for our initial appointment. We have EFTPOS & HICAPS facilities to process your accounts.  A rebate from Medicare can be processed in the rooms on the day & if you have your bank details registered with Medicare, this amount is usually refunded within 24 hours.

PainMedSAis a private practice and all accounts are required to be paid in full on completion of the consultation.

If you have an approved compensable injury claim (MVA, RTWSA, Self Insured) we need written consent from your insurer prior to making any appointments.  The account will be sent directly to your insurer on completion of your consultation.    

All compensable patients will be asked to obtain written approval prior to each consultation.   If approval is not received then patients will be seen as a private patient and will be required to pay for their accounts on completion of the consultation.

Please bring: the following to you consultation:

  • List of current medications/dosages

  • Any relevant xrays, ultrasounds, MRI’s – particularly any from the last 2 years

  • Medicare card

  • Private Health insurance card.

  • Claim details for approved compensable injury claims

Please allow plenty of time for your appointment, due to the complex nature of chronic pain management the practitioners can run behind schedule. Your patience is appreciated.

Please note our cancellation policy, which can be found here.

New Patient Form - Now Online!

Before seeing our specialists, all new patients are required to fill in and sign our "new patient" form via HotDoc. Please select this to your right, and it will be sent securely to our administration team. This can be done before your appointment time has been given to you, and can help expedite the booking process for our future clients.


In this form we ask the patient (or their carer) to provide us with a detailed history of their illness and will include what medications they are taking, who they have seen previously, what tests or examinations they may have had prior to their visit and how the injury or illness effects them in their daily life.   

Please note that new appointments can not be made until both the Referral and New Patient form have been received.  For compensable patients we also require written approval for your consultation from your insurer.

Please drop in, mail, fax or email completed form and referral to the relevant address for Private or Compensable patients that are  listed on our home page.


Please bring in any Xrays or Scans (and associated reports) you may have had.


All review patients are asked to complete and sign a "review form".    


These forms are used by our specialists during your consultation. If the form is not completed, signed and received by the reception staff prior to the consultationthen it is our policy that our specialists at PainMedSA will not be able to see you.