Peter Cirocco

BN, GDipCritCareNurs, MNPractSt

Nurse Practitioner Candidate

Peter has been a part of the team as at PainMedSA as a Clinical Nurse Specialist since early 2019. He has extensive experience in the critical care sector, working in the intensive care setting for several years and has post-graduate qualifications in this area. He also has wide-ranging management experience through his previous roles within SA Health, and is a lecturer for the School of Nursing & Midwifery at Flinders University.


Peter's special interests include novel pharmacotherapy approaches to chronic pain management, cognitive behavioural therapy and multi-disciplinary approaches to chronic pain management.


2011 BN Flinders University

2015 GCertCritCareNurs Flinders University

2018 GDipCritCareNurs Flinders University

Professional Affiliations

Australian College of Nurse Practitioners

Australian Pain Society

International Neuromodulation Society

Allied Health and Nursing Neuromodulation Special Interest Group