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COVID-19 restrictions at PainMedSA - 18th November 2021

At PainMedSA, the health and wellbeing of our patients and families are our number one priority.

In line with the Emergency Management COVID-19 Direction 2021, the use of face masks is now mandatory for all people in all health care settings. The SA Health website has more information regarding this. We ask all of our valued patients to help us adhere to this direction.

Further to this:

  • All appointments that were booked as face-to-face will stay as face-to-face.

  • If you are in quarantine because you have visited a COVID-19 exposure location or have been directed by SA Health to quarantine, you must stay at home.

  • All patients are required to wear a mask while in attendance at PainMedSA at all times.

  • Where possible, patients are requested to attend their appointment alone. One carer is allowed if necessary.

  • Please adhere to the 1 person per 4m2, and maintain social distancing at 1.5m at all times.

  • All visiting staff and visiting contractors must have their vaccinations updated in line with the latest COVID-19 Directions as per SA Health.

Please be respectful to others as reasons for not wearing a mask are not always obvious.

Thank you for your continued support, patience and understanding. If you have any queries regarding SA Government mandated restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19, please visit their website.

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